Why Our Students Love Us?


If you've searched for online student-tutor marketplaces, you've already seen there are quite a few services out there already. So, what makes us different from our competitors? We believe there are several factors which make us the ideal service for anyone in search of high-quality tutoring and professional essay writing help at an affordable price.

Quality of Work

The first thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of the tutoring that we deliver. While some other services providers are limited in workforce, experience, and vocabulary, we excel in all three. We provide the highest quality tutoring on the market and contribute to your research or academic career in a way that others can't do.

Affordable Pricing

Get the premium service at highly affordable prices. Our goal is to earn the goodwill of our community. We look to offer equal rewards to both tutors and students for using our marketplace. Through Studydraft, students can overcome their academic challenges without taking their tutoring expenses through the roof. On the other hand, tutors can the best price for their services by working on a platform that charges the lowest commission rate across the industry.

Subject Matter Experts

Our tutors are the most experienced and celebrated academic tutors in the world. They are recognized by various institutions and award-winning organizations for their exceptional quality of work that transcends multiple categories and topics. Even if you have an unusual topic or custom requirement, our tutors will have a solution for you.

Transparent Ordering Process

We offer a smooth and transparent ordering process from start to finish. All we need to know to get started is your topic, requirements, and the due date. All required information can be submitted via our website, and our subject matter experts will place a bid on your order. Review all bids and tutors profile before assigning tutor to your order. We made the process easy to fulfill your needs and keep stress to an absolute minimum throughout the process.

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Why Our Tutors Love Us?


At Studydraft, the most valuable asset that we have to offer is tutors and writers that we have in our community. We have been able to assemble some of the most premium tutors and writers in the world on our team, and each of them has the experience and knowledge necessary to produce high-quality content on any topic or subject that you might want. When tutors work with Studydraft, they can be confident that they are getting the best platform and students around the global community. We value our tutors and reward them with a high commission compared to industry standards.

Easy Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is well documented and easy to understand. Tutors will be provided instructions at each step, which makes it easy to understand the process and requirements. After the application submitted, another good reason with Studydraft is quick review time and decision. It usually takes up to 24 hours to get the decision on the completed application.

High Commission

We understand the efforts & time our tutors put in making the bright future for our students. Their expertise and willingness to provide the best quality guidance helps students to achieve better grades. As a result, we reward out tutors with the highest possible commission, which means tutors get more money for their efforts and hard work.

Convenience & Flexibility

In the technological world, everyone likes to have flexible work arrangements. We understand the popularity and demand for FWS and also believe in it. Our platform provides flexibility to work on your schedule. Be your own boss by working at any time, any place and from any device. Many flexibility options in one platform.
Isn’t that amazing!!!


Global Students Community

At the Studydraft platform, our tutors have an opportunity to interact and communicate with the student's community worldwide without any limitations. They can receive an order from different parts of the world other than the United States. We are a global service that has been helping thousands of students and professionals across the globe.

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