Our Specialities

As one of the premium tutoring marketplace services out there, Studydraft specializes in a few key categories and skills that are essential to our success and your satisfaction. These are our areas of expertise and why thousands each year select us for their academic and other writing needs.

Tutoring & Academic Writing

Our primary area of specialization is creation, editing, and delivery of academic and research writing. Because we provide academic support and writing such a high volume daily, we have created a standardized process that we adhere to to ensure our deliveries are quick with the highest quality possible. This process involves rigorous research, writing, fact-checking, and structural analysis of the requested subjects. Perfecting this formula for the perfect tutoring and writing has allowed our tutors to win awards and gain widespread recognition for their contributions. It is one of the main reasons for our pristine reputation with our many students. 


One of the most crucial parts of the tutoring of any subject is the research and fact-gathering phase. That’s because the entire premise is based on factual data. If you cannot research facts and information effectively, you stand little chance at being able to craft a material that supports your hypothesis or assertion. The good news for you and other students like you is that research happens to be one of the things we do best. In creating academic content over the years, each of our tutors has a wide range of experience with researching facts and information and using that information as the foundation for high-quality tutoring and writing. 

Data Representation

You can have all the facts in the world in your academics and writing, but if they are not represented logically that your audience can understand, they become quite useless. Luckily, we have an entire team dedicated to creating helpful visuals for data representation. Your order won’t just claim statistics, but it will back it up as well and look as credible as it possibly can with our authority-building tactics in place. 

Subject Coverage

When you give us a subject for your academics, we will ensure that it is entirely covered. It is done through both thorough research and strategic planning. Your content will be presented in a logical, chronological manner that first establish your assertions and thoughts and then proceeds to back it up with a variety of references, information, and studies. It preps the reader for your position and improves authority on the subject matter to make it logical and convincing. 

Creative Flexibility

One of the many reasons that our students love working with us is that we grant them creative flexibility. We are here to serve you, and if that means making several alterations and adjusting on the fly, then that is what we will do. We will do whatever is necessary to deliver to you that fits your standards and meets the requirements of the study, assignment, thesis, project, dissertation, or other types of writings.