Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions for Students 

Our process is simple to understand. Place an order from our Home Page and wait for available tutors to place a bid on your order. Review all bids received, and select appropriate tutor as per your requirements, subject expertise, ratings and reviews. Pay the requested amount and you are all set to receive your work within the deadline you and tutor agreed on.
All pending, in progress and completed work will be available under your account to review at any time. You will also receive an email once tutor mark your order as completed from their end.
If we fail to deliver the work on time, you can cancel your order and request for refund. However, we have never missed out on the deadlines and not in the habit to deliver the work late.
In Such situation, get in touch with tutor and ask them to re-work on your order. In case, tutor refuse to re-work or do not respond, reach out to us within 48 hours since the time order marked as completed by tutor. Provide us the instances where you find the quality or expectation concern. Our support team will review your work, contact assigned tutor if required and update you with the outcome.
You agree that if we can prove to you that the work was completed on time, which the money back guarantee does not apply. Unavoidable technical errors may prevent you receiving your work or opening it properly - these circumstances are therefore outside of our control and guarantees. However, we promise that if we cannot prove that the work was completed on time you'll get a full refund.
You need to select order category as "Question Help" when you are looking solution for specific question or topic. The solution will be provided in APA format with 250 or fewer words. There is a fixed price based on the education level for this type of order.
You need to select order category as "Writing Help" when looking for descriptive or in-depth analysis of subject or topic selected. Generally, you need this type of order when expecting multiple page solution. Order price will be based on the education level, number of pages and page space selected in the order form.
Yes, we do provide tutoring service at all level of education (High School to Doctorate/PhD) and also provide guidance and support for test preparations and business writing needs.

General Questions for Tutors 

Studydraft is a marketplace platform to connect students with qualified tutors for their academic needs. Our tutors are available around the clock from every corner of the world to help students. Students can post their scholastic inquiries, and the network of tutors give a right hand to their query.
There are many benefits working with us: - We have students from all around which enables more opportunities. - You will have flexibility of working full-time or part-time. - Our convenient platform will give you a hassle free user experience and you can work at any time from anywhere at any device.
How much you can earn is completely depend on your schedule, efforts and time you spend helping students. There is no limit on how much you earn and thats makes your many dream comes true.
Yes, any individual can become a tutor on our website as long as they posses required skills and credentials. These requirement are vary based on your area of expertise and type of work you want to do on the website. The general requirements for all tutors or writers is to have a strong communication skills and English grammar knowledge.
Our network of tutors provide work error-free with accurate grammar, context, guidelines, and everything in between. Our work will be delivered by top-quality academic experts and veteran specialists. We value our tutor's hard-work and efforts, and offer highest commission in the industry which helps them make more money.
We never reveal that you've used our service unless we're required by law to do so.
Once you mark order as completed, student will be notified to review the requested work. if student is satisfied with delivery, and approve your work, money will be transferred to you wallet under your account. It will stay there until you request withdrawal. You can withdraw money from your wallet by sending an online request with required information.