Why Become an Online Tutor?


Gaining Widespread Currency


The digital economy has transformed our world, and education is no exception to that. The traditional face to face tutor-student form of education is proving inefficient to meet the demands of modern students who think learning shouldn’t be confined to the classrooms. This change in outlook towards education has given rise to the trend of online tutoring.

Online tutoring offers some quite benefits. Primarily, it allows students to learn at their own pace, be it an improvement in a specific subject or learning a new skill. This is incredibly useful to those with a hectic schedule.

Moreover, web-based learning also polishes the computing, web-based competencies, and word processing skills of the learner, something that's desired by modern employers. Research further suggests that college students who enroll in online tutoring are reported to score significantly higher grades than students who don't.

A New Profession in the Digital World


With our web-based platform, not only students gain advantages from online tutoring, but tutors also gain equal benefits from this new form of learning and skill enhancement platform.

Indeed, some of the naturally gifted individuals in their fields never make it into the tutoring profession for one or the other reason. But with online tutoring, such people get a chance to share their expertise with those in need, mainly the students.

Studydraft - The Perfect Online Student-Tutor Marketplace


Do you think of a job that offers you the flexibility of work and earns you decent money at the same time? Well, Studydraft helps you achieve both. As an online student-tutor marketplace, it acts as a perfect platform for subject matter experts to connect with students and help them overcome their academic challenges.

By selecting the date and timing of availability, tutors exercise full control over their schedules. Tutors can choose to give lessons from the comfort of their home, a public park, or a coffee shop.

Lastly, and this is the best part - Studydraft charges the lowest commission rate than the industry standards. That means more money goes into the tutors' pocket for every bit of effort they put into their work.

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There are several reasons to become a online tutor.

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Tips to Become a Good Tutor

  • Be comfortable Communicating.
  • Realize that turning a creative passion into a job can dampen your excited interest.
  • Balance the joys of working alone with soaking up the feelings from being around other people.
  • Be prepared for a lot of self-control and good money management.
  • Learn more while working with Studydraft.

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