The Impact Of COVID-19 On Students Education And How Studydraft Helps

The news of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has shaken the whole world. With new cases being reported daily, it is evident that the pandemic will have a major impact on every sphere of life. Along with various other industries, the education industry is one such sector that is experiencing the repercussions of the outbreak.

The UN education agency reported that more than 56 countries have imposed regulations to shut down nationwide schools and colleges. This has taken a toll on the academic learning and growth of nearly 516 million students. 
Coronavirus is indeed taking a toll on the traditional education learning system worldwide. While a shortfall in student enrollment at the very beginning of the academic session and cancellation in classes might be temporary, it is not possible to foresee the extent of the pandemic and ascertain its long-term impact on the students' education.

Highlighting The Economic Shortcomings

The education sector has been hard hit by the impact of the novel coronavirus. Thousands of international students have been left stranded due to the restrictions imposed on traveling. Because of these restrictions, many international students have not been able to resume their studies.

The real question here is, how long will this situation last? Since the extent of the pandemic is still unknown, and a major source of income for the economies across the world in the education sector, countries might start to experience a downfall in their economic conditions. 

In order to keep the students engaged and practice retention, it is important for colleges and universities to devise strategies and help students adopt new learning styles by making courses easily accessible. Let’s now learn more about the new methods of taking lessons while at home during coronavirus.

E-Learning: The New Mode Of Taking Lessons

E-learning has certainly become a norm in the education system since the spread of coronavirus. Online learning, which was otherwise dormant and was only used for additional study help, witnessed a rapid increase in the number of students enrolling for different courses. Also, universities and colleges made amendments for students to continue with their classes using online learning methods. Teachers were urged to conduct live online classes for students. 

Online learning has indeed come to rescue in these hard times. Whenever such atrocities hit the world, e-learning has always bridged the gap between the students and maintain consistency with regular learning. Schools, colleges, and universities all around the world have reflected a heavy reliance on virtual learning platforms. Students have slowly shifted from seeking education using traditional methods to getting accustomed to making use of these online learning methods. 

Due to the widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), schools and colleges have been prompted to provide digital education. This has been initiated keeping in mind the safety and well being of the students and teachers alike and limiting exposure to the infection.

Understanding The Impact: What Should Be Done?

At present, almost every educational institution around the globe has adopted some method of rendering online education to the enrolled students. Although providing online education related to coursework might seem easy, making every program accessible digitally may prove to be a huge challenge.

Various educational settings support robust systems to impart a quick online learning experience to the students. However, the smaller institutions might not be fully equipped and struggle to fulfill this rising demand for e-learning. 

To combat this hurdle, it is important for the course producers to contact the respective IT departments and test the online learning platforms. This will ensure that the students get a seamless online learning experience until the pandemic ends. 
In response to the novel coronavirus, UNESCO has urged schools, colleges, and universities to focus on providing distance learning education and accept applications for open learning via e-modules. This will enable teachers to continue teaching remotely and lessen the disruption caused in education as a result of the pandemic.

How Has Online Learning Helped?

There is no doubt in the fact that the students have been facing a lot of challenges to gain academic knowledge as well as assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. E-learning has opened new options for students that they can make use of without having to disrupt their studies. 

Students can choose from a wide variety of courses and focus on their personal development. As mentioned above, various educational institutions have also made amends to bridge this gap between students learning and teaching. This has only been possible because of the available online learning methods. 

There are a wide array of portals and websites that offer online learning services. Students and teachers can make use of these portals so they do not experience any lags in their studies until the pandemic gets cured. There are a wide variety of resources available on these platforms for the students to refer to and excel.

All that the students have to do is register on the website, select an appropriate course, and start taking lessons. The students can reach out to the teachers at any point of time in case they stuck with a query. Online classes have certainly made it easy for the students to continue studying even in such difficult times.

In Conclusion,

Amidst the persistent efforts to contain the spread of COVID 19, the education sector is witnessing a shift. To prevent prolonged disruption in education, schools, colleges, and universities have taken the initiative to render online academic assistance to the students. 

Although there are numerous challenges, educational institutions must plan and take steps accordingly to make education a feasible option for the students. With E-learning, students, as well as teachers can explore new options and continue progressing.

How Studydraft Can Help?

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