Key Elements To Write A Good Thesis Statement

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Summed up writing your paper? Looks good to you right? But what is that one thing in your presentation that still looks a miss? Yes, you figured it outright! It is your thesis statement. There are various academic writing sites like Studydraft that offer thesis writing help to the students and formulate proper thesis statements.


Each paper that you present must be centered around one main point that defines the structure of the thesis statement. The information mentioned in the thesis statement must provide a clear idea about the subject of the dissertation.  Precisely, A thesis statement is a sentence that is included in the introductory paragraph of the research paper. The main motive of including this statement in your thesis is to make the objective of the research clear to the reader. If you face any trouble in drafting a thesis statement for your research paper, you can opt for online thesis Writing Services for guided assistance.

A thesis statement forms an integral part of every dissertation, research paper, or academic assignment. It lays down a structure for the entire dissertation. The main idea behind adding a thesis statement is to project the key information at the very beginning of the dissertation. Since a thesis statement is no less than the foundation of the project, it is of utmost importance to make it clear, precise, and effective.

Building a thesis statement- Step by Step guide
The man focus while writing a thesis statement is to keep the information to the point and up-to-date. Along with assistance from various academic writing sites, students can make use of the below-mentioned guidelines to produce a thesis statement that knowledge-centric and impressive. Continue reading to know more!

Collection of data: Properly evaluate the primary sources of data collection. Ensure that you highlight the point of differences to make the thesis statement is crisp. The statement that you produce must clearly answer the question "why”. Explanations in support of the answer should also be provided.

Compilation of ideas: Every single idea while researching information for a dissertation counts. Pen down even the smallest idea that crosses your mind. Make as many notes as you can as it will help in connecting relevant pieces of information and improve the decision-making ability.

Provide factual information: Make sure that you include relevant facts and stats in your thesis statement. It is a great way of letting the readers know what the dissertation is about. You can mention certain stats in the opening paragraph of the research as well. 

What does a good thesis statement include?

For the thesis statement to be effective, the characteristics of the research must be well defined. A student should think of questions that might come up when the reader is going through the academic project and compile relevant pieces of information accordingly. The key characteristics of a good thesis are as follows: 

  • Emphasis is on a single idea

  • Selection of a topic that has scope fro arguments from the experts

  • Questions the conclusions mentioned by the writer

  • The thesis doesn’t lose the essence of the topic

In case you face any difficulty in understanding the context of the research or get stuck with the formulation of a crisp thesis statement, you can opt for online thesis Writing Services like Studydraft and seek professional guidance from learned and experienced experts.

Another important thing that many students who are in the process of writing a thesis statement skip are that they do not put enough thought into selecting the right topic. This is a crucial step as it will decide the structure of the dissertation.

Make sure that you brainstorm enough. The information that you provide should be topic relevant and precise. Also, to make the project more interesting, you can add some examples. In case you get stuck in the process, there are numerous Academic writing sites such as Studydraft where experienced professionals are available to help you prepare your project.