How to School Children During Covid-19 Lockdown?

Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt. As hundreds of schools are closed, parents are left wondering about the future education of their children as much as their health and safety.

However, this has paved the way for the age-old tradition of homeschooling children until the situation improves. Not that it’s any easier for kids to stay indoors, working parents are left overwhelmed to cope with the practical implications of the lockdown on their livelihood and family.

In this post, we share five useful tips to guide parents to support home education while Keeping their children engaged:

1. Fix Hours/Day for Routine Activities

Just because you’re sitting home that does not mean you can’t have a routine for your children.

Break the full day schedule into a number of activities:

  • Give 30-45 minutes to exercise or yoga in your garden or porch.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the normal time

  • Fixed time involving playing indoor games and other fun activities

  • TV breaks are not to be forgotten - enjoy movies, cartoons or web series with family

  • Give them time to pursue hobbies such as music, reading, dance etc

  • Have a fixed corner or room for teaching and other learning activities (30-40 minutes/day).

 2. Online Learning

Online learning has become a go-to platform for many parents to continue the education of their children. There are a plethora of online tutoring websites and educational apps that offer free content to help kids in different subjects.

However, if your child feels stressed out studying online, consider taking the support of professional coursework writing services to ease off some pressure. From maths, english, science to any other subject, you can get high-quality, 100% unique work without any delay or mistakes.

3. Learn with Fun 

Children are motivated to learn more if everything is made a game or fun for them. Indulging them in exciting activities such as team building games to pique their interest in problem-solving abilities. Encourage them to make useful things out of waste.

You can also involve them in cooking or cleaning the house so they learn new things and bond well with family members. 

4. Pursue Hidden Talent

Many working parents have been living a mechanical life before the Covid-19 outbreak forced them to stay indoors. It can be unsettling but an opportunity in disguise for you to spark the hidden interests of your children.

As you have ample time in hand, spend some quality time with our children, and know their secret ambitions. From playing a new instrument, painting, writing, cooking or anything creative, there is no better time than this.

If they are confused or unsure, guide them through, or seek online counseling to guide them in the right direction.

5. Parental Guidance

We all are dependent on technology for countless things. It does no good but is our biggest strength since the internet has kept us connected to the world outside during the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, the young and impressionable minds need to be judiciously taught on how to use social media and other technologies. Start a healthy conversation with your growing children and educate them on the value of the comforts of life.

Allow them to connect with their close friends and other family members via phone/video call or chat on social media. However, keep a close tab on what they browse online; consuming too much of Covid-19 news is not good for mental health but so is watching movies or playing video games all day long.

Also, technology should not kill your quality of life with parents and grandparents largely ignored. Help your kids strike a balance between the online and real-world!

This shall pass too.

We know the times are tough but parents need to shoulder this challenge to help their kids adapt to the unprecedented changes in life.

As the world is weathering the Coronavirus pandemic, we expect parents to be patient with their children. It’s okay to have a few hiccups coping with homeschooling.

Seek professional help if needed but spending time with your children as they grow is precious. This is something you and your children will remember for a long time to come.


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